"And this was my eureka time – in this
4-walls-world, people want their summer to last forever."


The Beginning

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I remember when I was in high school and simply felt that I couldn’t fit in society’s patterns. Lawyer, doctor, teacher… These were the “dream jobs” of my closest friends.

In some way, inside of me flourished a “sense of disruption” – I wanted to bring something new to the world. But at this point, I didn’t know how. I became an art student.

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I immersed myself in all the theories, I started to question everything, I started to draw - at midnight, in the subway, in the coffee shop… I was obsessed with that. And suddenly, I realized that I was not alone anymore.

I started to see doubts in people’s moves and I crossed these observations with cultural trends. Now this makes sense!, I thought - I finally conclude that we are all in the same boat. We are in the Era of Disruption.


People want to be different. And at the beginning I thought this was a “complex” thing to do, but it’s not. Their deepest desire is to make things easier – after all, happiness is found in simple things, right?

People want to get out of their office. People are begging for nature, forest and adventure. People are begging for more time under the palm trees. They want sun, sand, sea and long walks – we are humans after all, aren’t we?

And this was my eureka time – in this 4-walls-world, people want their summer to last forever.

Most people would write about it. But after this process of self-reflection, all I wanted was to draw. I started putting on paper all the feelings that summer can bring – joy, freedom, brightness. And these feelings came to life through swimwear.

But as a woman, I know summer can bring us mixed feelings… Some women can’t feel so comfortable with exposure. But fortunately, in this Era, we are questioning all beauty patterns. And I felt I had a role in this mission.


They say Italian people love il dolce far niente, but I totally forgot this concept during those days. I drafted, in one night, an entire collection! I really got obsessed with it.

But I had to recognize… I was not prepared to launch my own brand. First, I had to gain experience in this world and learn with the best designers, so I’ve developed my skills in several leading companies in the industry. It was hard, but definitely rewarding.

I wanted to create my own brand and, at the same time, make my swimwear accessible to every woman – so I traveled the world to find out how. I lost myself between the California beaches, Thailand sea and Mediterranean waves. I got to share some time with Brazilian people, women mainly, and feel their lifestyle. This made me understand their (so famous) bikinis. I visited ateliers as much as I could. My inspiration levels exceeded all my expectations.

So I went back to my hometown, Torino, even more in love with the Mediterranean - because this was where I could bring all my inspiration to life. With my tanned skin and eyes-full-of-world, I started to design Mi Alma and Tesoro Mio with this inspiration and some details in mind – women had to feel comfortable till the last swim and this comfort had to be affordable to all women. And I really wanted to share all the patterns, flowers and polka dots with all of you!

I won’t lie. The process between my sketches and the packaging was not the most wonderful ride. Negotiating with suppliers and all the logistics was quite more difficult than I thought it would be; but, at the same time, creating the brand (logo, layouts, shop online), was so exciting!

It was in September 2018 that my dream finally came true. I shared with you not only the swimwear – but the amazing (and sometimes painful) journey of a female entrepreneur. Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you want to; the universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. Now, I’m very proud to say that I have a wonderful team by my side.

In the next posts I will tell you more about the creation process of Mi Alma and Tesoro Mio. Please stay tuned!

And to all the girl bosses out there, don’t give up! Together we will disrupt this world!

You can see my journey through the swimwear I designed for you. Look below!


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